The People's Bank


At Bank of Guam, we take pride in being "The People's Bank." That means providing our customers with more than just great accounts. We also offer them services to make managing their accounts and their money easier.

Online Credit Card Access

Access and manage your credit card information, as well as your PacificExpress® Visa Debit card, online anytime. You can view transaction histories, dispute transactions, update your personal information, and more.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Need a safe and secure place to store your valuables? Our safe deposit box services are designed to give you peace of mind and the lowest annual fees around. Available at Hagatna, Santa Cruz, Dededo, Garapan, and Pohnpei branches.

Wire Transfers

Move your money quickly and easily using our electronic wire transfer services. We can arrange for single or multiple payments to be sent to any other financial institution, either domestic or internationally.

Cashier's Checks

Bank of Guam offers cashier's checks as an alternative to making payments and sending funds. Stop by any Bank of Guam branch and purchase your cashier's check today.

Traveler's Checks

If you're planning on taking a vacation, these are a safe alternative to carrying cash. Traveler's checks can be used at restaurants, stores, and hotels around the world, and can easily be replaced if they are lost or stolen.

Foreign Exchange

We offer a quick an easy way to convert your money to the currency of your destination!

Foreign Currencies offered:

  • Japanese Yen
  • Korean Won
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Philippines Peso
  • Australian Dollar

Auto Charge Payments

Never miss a payment again. You can arrange to have your Bank of Guam loans or credit cards paid automatically from a designated account. It's easy, convenient, and free!

Account Transfers

You can transfer money from any Bank of Guam account to another savings or checking account automatically. There is no charge for this service.

Ready Reserve

This service works just like standard overdraft protection except that it's backed by a line of credit up to a qualified amount, rather than a deposit account.


Move excess funds (above a specified minimum balance) for a better use of funds such as paying a loan or transferring to an interest-bearing account.

Target Balance Account

This feature instructs the system to maintain a target balance for a particular checking or savings account, designed to avoid a service charge.