Bank of Guam 45th Anniversary Economic Outlook Forum

Lou Leon Guerrero, Bank of Guam President, CEO & Board Chair cordially invites you to the 2017 Spring Economic Forum on April 20, 2017. Three presenters led by Mr. Joe Bradley, Senior Vice President, Chief Economist and Business Continuity Officer from Bank of Guam followed by guest speakers, Dr. Sam Mabini, Director of the Guam Department of Labor and finally, Ms. Esther Kia'aina Former Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas, Department of Interior from Hawaii will give an update on relevant global, national and local economic conditions and current business trends. This Forum is part of continuing events celebrating Bank of Guam's 45th Anniversary.

Teach Children to Save Day


Bank of Guam is once again shining the spotlight on how young people earn, spend, save, and manage their own money and how the People's Bank helps them do so wisely during National Teach Children to Save Month. The Bank of Guam and our staff volunteers are ideally positioned to respond because of our belief in the power of education--put to practical use--to improve the lives of our children in the communities we serve.

The ABA Education Foundation established National Teach Children to Save Day to spotlight the importance of teaching our nation's youth about saving money. Every April, bankers make presentations to students in grades K-12 about budgeting, saving, recognizing needs and wants and how interest makes money grow. Join us this year as we celebrate National Teach Children to Save Month. What a great time to talk to our kids about spending and saving!

If you are a parent or a teacher and would like to know more about this event, please contact Chelsey Ting at 472-5179 or Matt Apelo at 472-5520.

Financial Literacy

Real World Financial Literacy Simulation


The Bank of Guam offers a two-hour experiential learning program for high schools, a hands-on financial simulation. Students develop financial skills by experiencing a little of the real world as they take on the role of an adult – complete with an adult identity, a career, bills to pay and a lifestyle fit for who they are. The challenge is for students to select housing, transportation, food, household necessities, clothing, day care, and other wants and needs, while creating and following a realistic budget. Students must also make payments on any debts they owe and decide how much to save. Students discover what it is like to budget for monthly expenses, manage debt and save for the future. This financial literacy simulation provides realistic examples that highlight the connection between the decisions students make and the economic consequences of those decisions and the link between education and lifelong earning potential.

The Financial Literacy Reality Simulation can be offered any time during the year. If you are interested in hosting a Financial Literacy Reality Simulation at your school, please contact Bank of Guam's Communications Team at 472-5179 for more information.

Bank of Guam Celebrates 2017 Autism Awareness Month

On April 1, 2017, the Bank of Guam Headquarters in Hagatna joined the "Light It Up Blue" program to show our support to the autism community of Guam in recognition of this year's Autism Awareness Month. Headquarters will be lit blue every night for the month of April. We also hosted a photo exhibit from April 3rd to the 7th in the lobby of Headquarters, titled "Photo Voice: Caregivers of Autism" and showcased photographs of the caregivers.


San Francisco Branch 45th Anniversary Celebration

On March 22, 2017, our San Francisco Branch held a customer appreciation event to mark our 45th anniversary.



Legislative Resolution for the Bank's 45th Anniversary

On March 13, 2017, the Bank of Guam and the Leon Guerrero family was honored with a Legislative Resolution recognizing and honoring the 45th anniversary of the Bank and the contributions of Mr. Jesus Leon Guerrero and his family to the island of Guam.


2017 IFIT 5K Walk/Run

On March 11, 2017, the Bank of Guam held its 12th annual Ifit 5K walk/run. Over $60,000 was raised for Guam Cancer Care, which will be used for their programs including the ECHO program for high school students.


45th Anniversary Kick-Off

On February 27, 2017, the employees of the Bank of Guam filled the Academy of Our Lady gymnasium for a good old fashioned pep rally to kick off the year-long 45th anniversary celebrations and to launch the special anniversary logo.