Our Vision

Bank of Guam, "The People's Bank", will be the driving force for sustained prosperity in the communities it serves.

Our Mission

Our unique Familia culture is built on the legacy of our Founder. It is a philosophy of respect, fairness, generosity, and integrity. This heritage drives the mission of our Bank:

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To help our CUSTOMERS succeed financially through expert advice and personalized services

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To empower our EMPLOYEES through opportunities for personal and professional development

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To reward our SHAREHOLDERSwith a fair return and pride of ownership in a locally owned, profitable, and community centric enterprise

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To strengthen our COMMUNITY through access to financial services, corporate philanthropy, and personal involvement.

Be a Part of our FAMILIA

Bank of Guam is on a mission to delight its customers. We're family first, focused on delivering excellent customer care and being there for our consumers when they need us most.

Our team engages customers from Guam, CNMI, Micronesia and San Francisco through face to face interactions and one on one care as well as through our various electronic and online resources. We represent the voice of the customer and work collaboratively with all our partners to continue to improve our products and services.

We're looking for people who are passionate about satisfying customer expectations and helping them achieve financial success. Our customers deserve the best and as such, we are looking for ambassadors that best represent who we are – authentic, compassionate, courageous and persevering. So if you're excited about being a Bank of Guam Ambassador and delighting our consumers, come join us!

Career Opportunities