Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Loans

Support your next big purchase with the help of one you've already made. At Bank of Guam, our friendly, in-house lenders will help you transition your existing home equity into collateral for a wide range of other personal needs. Make your timely mortgage payments pay off with competitive-rate financing for home improvements, educational expenses, and more.

  • Competitive rates for a wide range of personal needs:
  • Home improvements
  • Major life events
  • Education expenses
  • And more!
  • Secure funds based on the equity in your home and your home's value
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • No loan application fees
  • Experienced, helpful loan advisors
  • Personalized attention from start to finish
  • Local approvals, processing, and quick responses
  • Automatic payment option

NMLS ID #403499

San Francisco

  • Jesus H. Leon Guerrero (NMLS ID #1374164)
  • Abhay Sandhu (NMLS ID #1915775)
  • Shawn McKenna (NMLS ID#1999793)


  • Jacqueline Ann Hocog (NMLS ID #720671)
  • Linda M. Guerrero (NMLS ID #747749)
  • Majesta Ann Merfalen Santos (NMLS ID #1080556)
  • Shasta Lynn Murphy (NMLS ID #742472)
  • Jessica Leon Guerrero Diaz (NMLS ID #856533)
  • Marlene M. Borja (NMLS ID #809593)
  • Yvonne Cabrera Deleon Guerrero (NMLS ID #809652)
  • Jamie James Aingimea (NMLS ID #1484952)
  • Jolia A.R. Blas (NMLS ID#2056980) 
  • Annaea M.C. Quintanilla (NMLS ID#2056042)
  • Raelani M.S. Duenas (NMLS ID#2056044)
  • Shawnese Nadene Cruz Guerrero (NMLS ID#2055910)
  • Matthew Camacho Cruz (NMLS ID#2104449)
  • Clarissa Ann Rosario Cruz (NMLS ID#2055943)
  • Vera Ann Matanane (NMLS ID#2058730)


  • Larry A. Philip (NMLS ID #1101992)
  • Kaye D. Tenorio (NMLS ID#1846932)